NovaThermal Energy announces its Ribbon Cutting with Mayor Michael A. Nutter on April 12, 2012 at 1:30 at 25 Pattison Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19148.

The City of Philadelphia’s Water Department (PWD) has partnered with NovaThermal Energy, serving as the project host in this first US demonstration. Originally commercialized in China, the wastewater geothermal technology is so efficient that Tianjin City (population: 10 million) requires all new developments to utilize it when possible as part of the building code.

NovaThermal has installed and will operate a small wastewater geothermal system providing building heat. The 978,000 BTUs/hr/60 Cooling Ton NovaThermal unit is located in the building’s basement from which it directly accesses the adjacent sewage channel.

This project enables the design, installation, field testing, data collection and analysis of the smallest unit of NovaThermal’s wastewater geothermal system. Temple University is providing mechanical, hydraulic and system analysis and publishing a white paper on the energy efficiency of NovaThermal’s wastewater geothermal system. System design and construction was led by Limbach, NovaThermal’s mechanical engineering partner.

Commercialization of this technology will significantly reduce energy use in large commercial and industrial buildings throughout the US, and will create green construction and manufacturing jobs. In this project NovaThermal Energy will demonstrate an ability to provide heat at approximately 50% of current costs.