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Up to 60% Reduction in HVAC Costs

NovaThermal Energy’s patented geothermal technology saves 30%-60% in building heating & cooling costs. A unique anti-block device allows utilization of all forms of water with a ground-source heat pump, without pre-cleaning or treatment.

NovaThermal Energy’s current clients include owners and managers in buildings over 100,000 sq ft with adjacency to large sewer mains. While there are multiple heat pump and heat exchanger products in the market, none is able to tap into the pre-existing geothermal loop provided by the sewer infrastructure.

In urban markets, no other product can retrofit large commercial buildings to create such significant HVAC energy cost reductions.


Key product features of the NovaThermal Energy geothermal system include:

  • Flexibility: Provides heating, cooling, hot water, chilled water and refrigeration in any combination, eliminating chillers, cooling towers, gas furnaces and boilers, reducing maintenance and releasing expensive floor space.
  • Inexpensive: Minimally capital intensive. Geothermal, with its complex installation, has limited application in site-constrained cities and can be up to twice as expensive.
  • Modular: Modularity of multiple smaller units provides redundant back-up systems and tracks the building energy curve. Scalable for any building from 100,000 sq ft to large multi-unit developments.
  • LEED score: LEED building score increase of up to 22-33 points. No other single application can augment LEED scores so effectively.
  • No regulatory risk: Based on consultations with the Cities of Philadelphia, Dallas and Baltimore, the system does not require any special municipal license; standard plumbing permits apply.